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1. Why do you choose JAC International?
JAC Motors, our parent company, is an integrated automobile manufacturer specialized in the research, development, production and sales of commercial vehicles, passenger cars and power assemblies. Established in 1964, JAC Motors restructured to become a joint-stock enterprise in 1999 and was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600418) in 2001. Now with an annual production capacity of 700,000 vehicles and 500,000 engines, we provide businesses with technologically-leading products that include light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, multi-purpose commercial vehicles, MPVs, SUVs, forklifts, special chassis and gearboxes, and engines.

Over the years, JAC Motors have developed partnerships with companies in more than 120 countries and have established over 100 overseas 4S shops and 16 overseas KD factories. As our sale of commercial vehicles grows, so does the demand for our passenger cars in domestic and international markets. Among Chinese automobile manufacturers, our export sales of light-duty commercial vehicles have rank first for 14 consecutive years and passenger cars closely follow.

2. Why do you choose JAC Forklift?
The predecessor of JAC forklift is the famous excavator manufacturer "Hefei Mining Machinery Factory". In 2003, JAC Group merged the company to set up a factory specialized in forklift production and with 13 years' development, JAC forklift has become the China's most famous and professional manufacturers of forklift. JAC forklift products cover 1-16 t of balanced internal combustion forklift, 1-5 t of AC electric, semi-exchange forklifts, 1-3.5 t of dual fuel (gasoline and natural gas) forklift.

The company currently has 500 employees, of which there are 100 professional and technical persons, and has strong research and development capabilities with product types and performance over the domestic industry level. The company also obtains ISO, CE and other certificates and becomes the only one self-produced engine manufacturers in China with the advantage of engine resources in JAC Motors. With an annual output of 10,000 forklifts, the company exports to 80 countries and regions around the world and have exclusive distributors in Russia, Turkey, the United States, Canada and other 50 countries, In 2016, the number of export forklift comes to 3000, which reaches the top three of the export of Chinese forklift.

3. Why do you choose JAC generator sets?
JAC International also produces and sells diesel generator sets from 10KVA up to 3000 KVA with JAC 4DA1 engine, Cummins engine, Volvo engine etc. We can also supply movable power station, low-noise, multi- pieces connection, remote monitoring, gen-sets with ATS, and gas gen-sets. We persistently insist in high standard of product quality and lay on strict requirements on it, according to the policy of real price for survival and good quality for development. All the generator sets are equipped with Stamford alternator, Deep Sea controller, which enables the stable quality of the generator sets.

4. Why do you choose JAC International spare parts?
We are very pleased to bring the resources of quality suppliers of JAC to the global customers, supplying all the products and the accessories of light truck, heavy truck, car, SUV, MPV, forklift, pickup and so on in the JAC Motors, and ensuring the products quality by traceable products and parts from original factories. And we undertake the match and supply between powertrain (engine, gearbox) and vehicle design.

5. How can you be JAC International partners and dealers?
1) Have a certain financial strength and a good credit history;
2) Possess rich experience in the construction machinery, a group of entrepreneurial and sales team, and the ability to develop the local secondary outlets;
3) Have a strong determination to develop the market growing with JAC International;
4) Have a perfect sales service system and sales tem as well as a certain customer base;
5) Show rooms, parts warehouse and other hardware facilities for our products.
6) JAC brand recognition and loyalty.

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