Research and Development
  • JAC 5-Level Research and Development System
    1st Level: (Core level) National Technology Research and Development Center in China

  • 2nd Level: Overseas Research, Development and Design Centers in Turin, Italy and Japan, Tokyo

  • 3rd Level: Industry-University-Research Cooperation with domestic universities, including the Tongjie Science and Technology Company of Tongji University, Hefei University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Tianjin University

4th Level: Strategic alliance with outstanding overseas design companies, such as the Italian Pinifarina, UK Lotus, Korean VENS, Austrian AVL, and German Hofer.

5th Level: Technical departments in every business division.

JAC Achievements
As of 2013, we have obtained 377 patents and 44 of our research projects have been included in China's national and provincial key technology projects.

We have researched and developed 39 nationally leading product technologies.

We chaired and participated in the establishment of 10 Chinese National Standards for the industry.

  • Exemption of Export Inspection
  • Exemption of Export Inspection

Professional Manufacturing Capacity

  • Engine production line
    JAC Motors has introduced internationally advanced technologies and equipment to build a world-leading engine product line. Meanwhile our achievement in the application of GDI, TCI, CTI, TGDI, VVT and other engine technologies keep us abreast of international development. JAC has an annual production of 500,000 units of gasoline engines, diesel engines, CNG, hybrid power, and pure electric vehicles.

  • Commercial vehicle production line
    Based on 50 years of accumulated technologies and experience, JAC Motors has developed an internationally advanced commercial vehicle production line, which is equipped with world-class pressing machines, intelligent welding machines and fully automated painting equipment. The annual production capacity is 500,000 vehicles.

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