JAC Vision

JAC Vision
Better Products, Better World.

JAC Mission
Revitalize the national auto industry with as an innovative Chinese car brand.

JAC Core Value
Quality is the foundation of development.

JAC Spirit
The New Red Army Spirit includes self-improvement, determination to succeed, hard work, entrepreneurial passion, discipline, continuous learning and innovation.

JAC Business Philosophy
Systems thinking, team learning, achieving coordination and pursuing excellence.

JAC Core Competence
Organizational learning and systematic innovation.

JAC Commitment
JAC is a leading Chinese automaker internationally competitive and dedicated to the progress of China's automobile industry. We are committed to producing safe, economical, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vehicles using sustainable development practices. JAC focuses on the manufacturing of commercial vehicles, consolidating its leading position in the global market, and has successfully expanded to passenger vehicles through international partnerships and resources. As our worldwide reputation grows, JAC continues to develop in technology, manufacturing, and sales networks.

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