Business and Agents

JAC International's wide business scope includes JAC forklifts, JAC special vehicles, JAC engines, generator sets and spare parts.

Forklift accessories of JAC, HELI, Toyota and other brands can be purchased separately or together with the forklifts. International express shipping and container transport are optional.

We also provide:
Engine Parts Overhaul kit, air valve, balance shaft, balance shaft gear, camshaft gear, high pressure oil pump, hydraulic pump, cylinder head, cylinder block, hydraulic chain, flywheel housing, flywheel ring gear, crash pad, turbocharger
Chassis Parts Brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, brake assembly, brake shoes, hand brake cable, clutch steering wheel, steering assembly, gearbox parts
Transmission Parts Forward gear teeth, reverse gear, first gear, (low gear teeth, second gear teeth, high-speed gear), front and rear gear mesh sleeve (sliding sleeve, first and second gear mesh sleeve, synchronized ring, first shaft, first shaft cover, second shaft, output gear
Electric Parts Starter, alternator assembly, starter relay, magnetic switch, electric horn, spark plug, distributor assembly, distributor cap, ignition cable, carburetor, ignition switch, headlight switch, turn signal switch, turn signals, rear light, bulbs
Hydraulic Parts Multi-tandem valve assembly, oil-type master cylinder, repair kit, multi-tandem valve repair kit, diverter valve, steering wheel, steering gear assembly, steering gear repair kit, steering gear cross shaft, hydraulic pump assembly, hydraulic pump repair kit, hydraulic oil lines, various pipe fittings

Becoming a JAC Agent

Individuals should have a certain knowledge of JAC, align with JAC culture, and be loyal to JAC.
Companies should have some success and their main business should relate to engineering machinery.
Individuals with relevant experience and own storefront are preferred; companies with after-sales maintenance personnel, technical personnel, and warehouses for inventory and spare parts are preferred.
Applicants should fully understand the local market, laws, regulations and requirements of market entry.
A qualified agent should have a service network and sales planning experience.