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LWL Series Horizontal Spiral / Screen Filter Separator

Production Description:
Product identification 3412164616 Model name LWL Series Horizontal Spiral / Screen Filter Separator
Product category Horizontal centrifuge Specification 330-710
Product Introduction:
LWL series horizontal spiral / screen filter centrifuge is a kind of filter separator, which has the characteristic of unmanned automatic continuous operation in the separating dewatering and spiral slagging for relatively large particles (above 0.05mm) with the solid-liquid separation method. The machine uses Inverter start speed control and automatic unit brake which is in line with the GMP specifications. It also has hundreds of test run in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, raw materials intermediates, petrochemicals, resins, minerals, non-ferrous metal industry, food industry, national defense and other industries. There are some features contributing to the rationalization of the industry and the energy conservation, such as unmanned operation, super dehydration, large throughput, low power consumption, compact design and small occupation of land.
Technical Parameters:
Model Spiral Tube Diameter Mud Capacity Rotating Speed Separation Factor Motor Power Pump Motor Power Weight Dimension
(mm) (t/h) (Rpm) (G) (Kw) (Kw) (T) (mmm)
LWL330 330 3.0~7.0 3000 1600 7.5×4 0.7 1165×1295×1155
LWL410 410 5.0~12 2700 1600 15×4 0.75×4 1.1 1200×1690×1425
LWL530 530 10~25 2040 1200 30×4 0.75×4 2.0 1540×2160×1765
LWL710 710 20~50 1450 850 44~55×4 0.75×4 3.0 1850×2480×2140

(1)The handling capacity of this table may vary depending on the concentration of solid matter contained in the raw liquid and the physical properties of the handling material. Therefore, this table is for the reference only.
(2)Centrifugal effect is based on the actual production of the results and the calculated value of test results.

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