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LW640 Series Horizontal Solid-bowl Scroll- discharge Centrifuge

Product Models:
We provide series of centrifuges. You can select the suitable model according to different material, site conditions and other requirements.

LW644--NA LW643--NA
LWG644--DB LWG643--DB
LWM644--NA LWM643--NA
Model Description:

Work Principle:
The purpose of separation is to separate out solids from mixed fluid (solid density is bigger than liquid). When mixed fluid enters rotating bowl of centrifuge by the feed tube, the larger density solids in mixed fluid rapidly deposit on inner wall of the bowl under the function of centrifugal force. The spiral pusher pushes the deposited solids to the taper end of the bowl, and discharges them out of centrifuge from residue outlet. Meanwhile,the smaller density liquid phase forms an liquid ring layer on inside and discharges from bowl by overflow port. The bowl and spiral pusher run at high speed at the same time, but there is a certain differential speed between them, so the deposited solids on the wall of bowl can be conveyed to residue outlet by spiral pusher. This separation process is continuous.

Main Parameters:
No. Parameter LW640 Series
1 Feed Rate (m3/h) 30~80
2 Differential Speed(rpm) 0~30(Stepless Adjustable)
3 Max. bowl Speed (rpm) Max.3200(Stepless Adjustable)
4 Max. g-level Max.3670(Stepless Adjustable)
5 L/D Ratio 4.3
6 Lubrication Methods Jet Oil Lubrication
7 Solid Recovery Rate(%) ≥99
8 Feed Solid Ratio(%) 2~40
9 Solid Content of Clear Liquid(%) ≤0.2
10 Main Motor Power (KW) 75/90/110
11 Secondary Motor Power (KW) 15/18.5(Generator State)
12 Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 5050×1820×1480
13 Dry Weight Decanter Unit (kg) ≈11000
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