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Generator Set

    1. Generator Set, Cummins SeriesThe Cummins generator set is popular among customers in various industries because of its advanced control system and JAC assembly process.
    1. Generator Set, Weichai Series

      The Weichai diesel generator sets are stable, quality and cost-effective gensets that have high power, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and easy operation and maintenance.

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    1. Generator Set, JAC Series

      This commercial generator achieves precise control over the intake, exhaust, fuel injection time and high-pressure fuel injection amount. The genset’s power performance can be upgraded to meet customer needs.

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    1. Generator Set, Shangchai SeriesThis diesel genset features a compact structure, high power, wide power range and reliable performance.
      New necking-down combustion chamber that meets environmental protection standards
    1. Generator Set, Yuchai SeriesThe Yuchai generator set features an integral crankshaft made from forged steel, cylinder heads made from cast iron alloy and imported parts and components.
    1. Other Generator SetsIn addition to the Perkins diesel genset, Cummins genset, Weichai power generation, JAC genset, Shangchai gensetand Yuchai genset, we offer Volvo generator sets, Deutz generator sets, Daewoo generator sets, MAN generator sets and more.