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Other Generator Sets

JAC International supplies customers with almost every kind of major generator set currently on the market. In addition to the Perkins diesel genset, Cummins genset, Weichai power generation, JAC genset, Shangchai gensetand Yuchai genset, we offer Volvo generator sets, Deutz generator sets, Daewoo generator sets, MAN generator sets and more.

1. Equipped with a diesel engine and accessories, three filtration systems and an electrical system
2. Brushless alternator
3. Cooling system with fan and water tank

1. Configured with a water cooler, an air-cooled unit for water supply, and an oil cooling unit for easy start up
2. Wide and complete range of specifications
3. Compact structure, small size and lightweight
4. Reliable and stable performance; the MTBF is up to 6,500 hours
5. Easy to operate and maintain
6. Environmentally friendly, low exhaust emissions conforming to the strictest emissions standards in Europe and North America
7. Superior durability, long service life with an overhaul period up to 20,000 hours

1. Small size, lightweight and low noise
2. Withstands shock load
3. Fuel economy and reliability are recognized worldwide

1. The emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOX) conforms to Euro III standards
2. Low operating cost, the fuel consumption is as low as 198g/kWh
3. Lightweight design is stable and reliable, meeting the requirements of small work spaces
4. Long service life
5. The overhaul period: LE201 series> 30,000 hours; LE203 series > 22,000hours

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