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Generator Set, JAC Series

The JAC generator set is a core product adapted by Navistar Company for a high-end market. This commercial generator achieves precise control over the intake, exhaust, fuel injection time and high-pressure fuel injection amount.

In addition to having a stable compression ratio and good lubrication system, the genset's power performance can be upgraded to meet customer needs. The emission rate is in line with the national IV standard.

The VGT (variable geometry turbocharger) technology optimizes the intake design, and with a 1.6 swirl ratio, the JAC diesel genset has a clearer intake and better atomization effect.

1. Thanks to the Bosch high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, the JAC generator set can realize multiple injections, precise control of fueling time and fuel supply, and adequate combustion.
2. Low friction and low-tension piston rings generate a low mechanical loss
3. Silicone oil fan clutch reduces energy loss
4. Excellent fuel economy

J 25S
Prime power kW 20
Standby power kW 22
Voltage V 3-400
Current A 3-36
Frequency Hz 50
Protection class
Engine type JAC H FCDA1
Generator type
Number of cylinders
Stroke× bore mm× mm 102×93
Displacement L 2.771
Fuel consumption g/ Kw.h <230
Speed rpm 1500
Fuel type
d iesel
Engine power kW 25
Battery capacity V/Ah 1288
Fuel tank capacity L 85
Fuel consumption at 75% load L/h 4.1
Fuel consumption at full load L/h 5.5
Type of cooling e ngine / generator Water, air
Weight kg 1100
D imensions (L × W × H) mm 2000×900×1260
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