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    1. 1.0L Gasoline EngineWith 14 advanced configurations, such as the Bosch EMS system and BorgWarner FEAD chain aluminum cylinder block, plastic intake manifold, and balancing shaft, this petrol engine has a high fuel efficiency and dynamic performance as well as low emissions, low noise and low vibration.
    1. 1.3L Gasoline Engine (Gasoline-Ethanol Blends)Owing to the use of continuous variable valve timing (VVT) and overhead direct drive valves, this 1.3L ethanol engine has 10% more engine power, higher compression ratio and larger torque than similar products.
    1. 1.5L Gasoline Engine (Gasoline-Ethanol Blends) An electronic control system is installed in the JAC petrol engine to increase the PWM preheating control module; it can accurately control the heating time of the preheating nozzle so the ethanol engine can achieve a cold start up.
    1. 1.5L TGDI Gasoline EngineUsing new non-metallic material like nylon, the JAC GDI engine is lighter weight, has a lower flow loss, uses less fuel and makes less noise compared to traditional engines.
    1. 1.9L CTI Diesel EngineThe JAC 1.9L CTI diesel engine uses world-leading VNT boost pressure technology and the 3rd generation of high pressure common rail direct fuel injection technology.
    1. 2.0L TCI Gasoline EngineThe JAC auto engine benefits customers with its outstanding power, high fuel economy, and reliability.
      Our turbocharged engine saves 10% more fuel than naturally aspirated engines with the same power.
    1. 2.0L/2.4L NA Gasoline EngineOur naturally aspirated engine comes equipped with DOHC, hydraulic tappets, a valve lash and double balancers, which largely reduce the vibration noise.
    1. 2.8L Diesel Engine

      The JAC 2.8L diesel engine features reliable power and inter-cooling and high-pressure common rail direct injection technology;
      The application of VNT turbocharging technology and air distribution increase the torque range.

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