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2.0L TCI Gasoline Engine

1. The JAC 2.0L TCI gasoline engine was one of the Top Ten Engine of "Chinese Core" in 2009.
2. Successful representative of turbocharged gasoline engines made by independent Chinese brands.
3. Applicable for JAC MI and JAC S1 car models.

This JAC gasoline engine is a cabriolet (convertible) version using GTI (Grand Tourer Injection) technology, representing the success and progress of engine manufacturing by Chinese independent brands. The JAC auto engine benefits customers with its outstanding power, high fuel economy, and reliability.

Fuel efficiency
Our turbocharged engine saves 10% more fuel than naturally aspirated engines with the same power.

Low noise
Using 8 advanced configurations, including a crankshaft, hydraulic tappet, and double balancing axes, JAC gasoline engines have significantly less noise.

Low Emission
Emissions from our petrol engine conforms to the National IV standard.

Rate power (kW/rpm) 130kW/5400rpm
Max. torque 260Nm
Max. torque speed 2000-4000rpm
Total displacement 1.997
Bore×stroke 8.5
Power density 85mm ×88mm
Compression ratio 65.1kW/L
Emissions standard National IV
Fuel Gasoline 93#
Min. BSFC at full load 265g / kw.h
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