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1.9L CTI Diesel Engine

The JAC 1.9L CTI diesel engine uses world-leading VNT boost pressure technology and the 3rd generation of high pressure common rail direct fuel injection technology. This high-performance auto engine is installed in M1 and S1 automobiles.

This oil engine is integrated with 12 internationally advanced technologies, including VNT boost pressure, SCV, CRDL and EGR; it is high performing and reliable with low oil consumption and low noise.

Low Fuel Consumption
The application of SCV technology reduces oil consumption in all kinds of working conditions, so the engine conforms to Euro B10 standards.

Low Noise
The advanced auto steering system and cylinder body effectively reduces the engine vibration and rattling noise; the use of SCV and an electrical throttle valve lower the engine combustion noise.

Low Emission
The EGR system and the controllable swirl ratio helps reduce emissions for the entire compression-ignition engine, conforming to the National IV standard.

Rate power (kW/rpm) 96.5kW/4000rpm
Max. torque 254Nm
Max. torque speed 1800-3600rpm
Total displacement 1.947L
Bore×stroke 83mm ×90mm
Power density 49.5kW/L
Compression ratio 17
Emissions standard National IV
Fuel diesel
Min. BSFC at full load 210g / kwh
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