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1.5L TGDI Gasoline Engine

Using the latest international technology, the JAC 1.5L TGDI gasoline engine is a new generation of environmentally-friendly engines that realize direct injection.

This gasoline direct injection engine uses many advanced technologies, such as GDI, TCI and DVVT. Our successful application of various technologies enables this auto engine to have an outstanding power performance and high fuel efficiency.

Light weight
Using new non-metallic material like nylon, the JAC GDI engine is lighter weight, has a lower flow loss, uses less fuel and makes less noise compared to traditional engines.

High Performance
Thanks to an integration of GDI, TCI, and DVVT technologies, our TGDI gasoline engine has more engine power, a larger torque of 168Nm/L, and an increased power density of up to 80.1kW/L. In addition, its dynamic performance has exceeded that of other engines with the same displacement and placed it as an internationally-leading product.

Low fuel consumption and low emission
The JAC direct injection engine can achieve precise closed-cycle control over the fuel supply, effectively reducing the fuel consumption of the entire engine. The DVVT controls the low-speed valve overlap to increase the torque and fuel economy. Due to the exhaust gas turbocharging and inter-cooling systems as well as the use of tightly coupled welded catalysts, the emissions of the whole engine conforms to National V standards.

B-class and C-class cars, compact SUVs, large MPVs

Rate power (kW/rpm) 120kW/4850-5500rpm
Max. torque 251 Nm
Max. torque speed 1500-4500rpm
Total displacement 1.499L
Bore×stroke 75mm ×84.8mm
Power density 80.1 kW /L
Compression ratio 9.7
Emissions standard National V
Fuel Gasoline 93#
Min. BSFC at full load 275g / kwh
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