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1.5L Gasoline Engine (Gasoline-Ethanol Blends)

1. Energy-saving engine
2. Numerous advanced technologies
3. Used in automobiles J2, J3 Turin and J3

The JAC 1.5L gasoline engine has 16 advanced configurations, such as VVT, an aluminum cylinder body and a plastic inlet manifold.

Good fuel adaptability
This flexible fuel engine can use gasoline-ethanol blends at any ratio.

Higher engine power
Using the VVT and overhead direct drive valve, this 1.5L ethanol blended gasoline engine has 10% more engine power, a higher compression ratio and larger torque than similar products.

Excellent cold boot performance
An electronic control system is installed in the JAC petrol engine to increase the PWM preheating control module; it can accurately control the heating time of the preheating nozzle so the ethanol engine can achieve a cold start up.

Rate power (kW/rpm) 83kW/6000rpm
Max. torque 146Nm
Max. torque speed 3000-4500rpm
Total displacement 1.499
Power density 55.4kW/L
Bore×stroke 75mm ×84.8mm
Compression ratio 10.5
Emissions standard Brazilian L5
Fuel Flexibility Fuel
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