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1.3L Gasoline Engine (Gasoline-Ethanol Blends)

1. JAC 1.3L gasoline engine was one of the Top Ten Engines of "Chinese Core" in 2010
2. Inline 4-cylinder, 16-valve, double overhead direct drive valve
3. VVT (variable valve timing), electronic throttle
4. Energy-saving and advanced technologies


The JAC ethanol-based engine is an energy-saving engine that features VVT (continuously variable valve timing), aluminum cylinder blocks, and plastic intake manifolds as well as integrating 16 advanced technologies.

Good fuel adaptability
This auto engine allows the use of gasoline-ethanol blends at any ratio.

Strong engine power
Owing to the use of continuous variable valve timing (VVT) and overhead direct drive valves, this 1.3L ethanol engine has 10% more engine power, higher compression ratio and larger torque than similar products.

Excellent cold start performance
The JAC flexible fuel engine has an electronic control system that increases the PWM preheating control module and precisely controls the heating time of the preheating nozzle according to the ECU output of the PWM (duty cycle signal), effectively enabling the ethanol engine to achieve a cold start in low-temperature conditions.

Environmental protection
The emissions standard of JAC gasoline engine conforms with the Brazilian L5 standard and has the potential to reach the L6 standard.

Rate power (kW/rpm) 73kW/6000rpm
Max. torque 126NmC
Number of cylinders 3000-4500rpm
Total displacement 1.332
Bore×stroke 75mm ×75.4mm
Power density 54.8kW/L
Compression ratio 10.5
Emissions standard Brazilian L5
Fuel Flexible fuel
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