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1.0L Gasoline Engine

The JAC 1.0 gasoline engine, with a streamlined design and low emissions, is a natural and environmentally-friendly choice for small engine applications.

With 14 advanced configurations, such as the Bosch EMS system and BorgWarner FEAD chain aluminum cylinder block, plastic intake manifold, and balancing shaft, this petrol engine has a high fuel efficiency and dynamic performance as well as low emissions, low noise and low vibration.

Our gasoline-fueled engine uses an aluminum cylinder block, plastic intake manifold and stainless iron exhaust manifold, which greatly reduces the weight of the entire engine.

High Performance
Installed with a DOHC direct driven valve train system, this internal combustion engine can achieve 50.05kw/L&92N.m/L, which conforms to internationally advanced standards.

Model HFC3GB4.(GG020)
Type N-line, 12 valves, water cooling, DOHC
Number of Cylinders 3
Bore Diameter 75mm
Piston Stroke 75.4mm
Displacement 1.0L
Ignition Sequence 1-3-2
Compression Ratio 10.5
Rated Power/Speed (KW/r/min) 50kW/6000r/min
Max. Torque/Speed (N. m/r/min) 90N.m/4000r/min
Emissions Standard National IV
Min. Fuel Consumption with Full Load s260g/kwh
Dimension (Length× Width× Height) 508mm ×614mm×622mm
Net Weight 75kg
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