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Warehouse Forklift

    1. Three Wheel Electric ForkliftGermany imported drive axle.
      CURTIS AC control system with great sensitivity.
      Multifunction display presents running time, fault messages, battery status and vehicle operating information such as speed and direction, etc.
    1. Pallet Trucks Dual-speed drive system
      Emergency brake switch
      Manual and motor driven lifting
      Brushless DC motor allows for no maintenance and low noise.
    1. Electric StackerHand wheel chain steering system significantly reduces labor intensity.
      Explosion-proof valve could prevent fork from sudden drop and therefore protect the operator from being harmed.
      Over-discharge protection device greatly enhances the battery service time.
    1. Reach TruckTwo lifting columns are placed at outer edges of the mast.
      The mast is made of special steel imported from Germany.
      Vertical driving wheel features high efficiency transmission and easy installation and maintenance.
    1. Electric Order PickerThe maximum lift height of the pallet reaches 1.14m, which makes it easy to pick up goods. The storage compartment at the front of the operator can load within 60kg.
      Advanced EPS handle ensures great maneuverability.
    1. Electric Tow TractorH-shaped axel design ensures great stability.
      Battery is installed at the bottom of the chassis, which further ensures lower center of gravity and then enhance stability.
      Multifunction display presents battery status, hours meter and error code.