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    1. Pickup Truck

      The JAC pickup truck comes equipped with a highly efficient JAC-developed 4DA1 engine and a Toyota 491QME engine. The JAC pick up van is a classic vehicle with practical functions, a fashionable.

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    1. Garbage TruckUsing a specially modified high-end chassis, this waste collection vehicle features a large loading capacity, little secondary pollution, excellent durability and reliability. The main product series include 3T, 5T and 8T models.
    1. Dump TruckThe three-dimensional optimized design on the lift mechanism reduces labor intensity.
      The frame rails of the tipper truck are made of high-quality cold-formed profiles that are lightweight and strong.
    1. Tank TruckThe JAC tank truck is made of high-quality materials so that whatever the user is transporting is done safely, efficiently, and without changing any chemical or physical properties.
    1. Concrete Mixer TruckThe hydraulic drive system comes equipped with configurations imported from Germany and Italy; it features concise layout, reliable operation and a low error rate.
    1. Flatbed TrailerThe longitudinal beam is welded into an I-shape using high-strength manganese steel or steel plates, and the transverse beam is made into a W-shaped structure. The frame is folded using high-strength steel plates to reduce the vehicle's weight.
    1. Low Loader Trailer / Lowboy TrailerThe JAC low loader trailer is a special vehicle modified from a Category II chassis and used for transporting small-scale engineering machinery. Compared with low bed semi-trailers, this lowboy trailer is more economical and more flexible.