GK Series Automatic Horizontal Scraper Discharging Centrifuge

GK series horizontal scraper discharging centrifuge is a horizontal wide scraper discharge, automatic clearance discharge filter centrifugal separation machinery, which is divided into two categories: ordinary and siphon. The series of products can make cyclical cycle operation automatically or manually and can be used to achieve controllable cycle for the time of working procedure of various stages. It mainly used for the solid-liquid separation with medium and fine particles, serving the chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food industry and other fields.

Work Principle:
After the drum is running at full speed, the feed valve is automatically opened at the timing, and when the separated suspension liquid enters the drum through the feed pipe, the solid phase is evenly distributed on the screen with the filter cake formed by the centrifugal force, and the liquid phase is thrown from the drum through the filter screen and wall holes, which then is discharged by the chassis of the tangent to discharge. After the predetermined time, the feed valve closes automatically. When the drum runs at full speed for a certain period of time, the scraper cut into the filter cake along the radial direction of the drum, and the material is discharged through the screw conveyor or the inclined gravity.

Main Features:
1. It can be designed to be diaphragm-type installing structure: the power area (motor drive, hydraulic lubrication and other power systems) and the production area (drum, case, inlet and outlet device) are separated, which can be used in the production of high cleanliness.
2. Fully enclosed explosion-proof and clean structure design: the spindle adopts bidirectional seal design, nitrogen protection in chamber of the centrifuge, fully meeting the sealed explosion need.
3. Centrifuge floating platform: the bottom of it assemblies the damping absorber, which is easily installed, and operated smoothly.
4. Drum components have the vertical processing, which controls the drum is not round.
5. The use of frequency control and PLC program control: it equips human-computer interface, supports electrical - hydraulic (pneumatic) executive body, monitors the entire process, and truly embodies automation.
6. Achieve stepless speed regulation through the frequency control: it is more reliable to the use of dynamic braking or regenerative braking operation.
7. The perfect protection system: material level detection, speed detection, over-vibration protection, open cover interlock protection, motor overheating protection, etc. it is more secure for operation use.

Structure Diagram:

Main Materials:
1. All parts contacting with the materials are made of stainless steel.
2. Parts not contacting with the materials are made of the carbon steel and cast steel.
3. Exposed surface lined with stainless steel and polished.
4. Blade edge is sprayed with the thermal ceramic alloy wear layer.

Structure and Configuration:
Items Standard Optional
Overall structure Horizontal structure
The texture of the contract part between drum and material SUS304 stainless steel SUS316、316L、321 stainless steel、Ti、lining plastic、Lining halar、Lining rubber etc.
Cover structure Side uncover
Cover accessory Feeding tube, Washing tube, Sight glass, Explosion-proof lights, Scraper device, Level detector Exhaust port, nitrogen filling port, skimming device and other structural requirements
Uncover way Manual work
Layout material way Lateral spreading material
Motor type Common motor Frequency motor, Explosion-proof motor, Energy-saving motor
Brake mode Dynamic braking Regenerative braking
Operating system Frequency conversion +PLC+HMI
Safety protection Vibration protection, Open cover interlock protection, Motor protective cover, Overload and Overheat protection Speed display, Explosion-proof device, Online oxygen detection nitrogen filling protection system
Discharging way Hydraulic scraper
Cleaning Water washing Online washing structure
Triangle belt Common triangle belt Anti-static triangle belt
Other Other requirements
Technical parameters:
Model Drum Diameter Drum Length Drum Speed Separation Factor Maximum Volume Charging Volume Motor Power Weight Dimension
(mm) (mm) (r/min) (Fr) (L) (Kg) (Kw) (Kg) (mmm)
GK800 800 400 0-1600 0-1145 95 129 37 4100 1965×2000×1510
GK1050 1050 500 0-1400 0-1150 210 230 37 7000 3210×2100×2355
GK1250 1250 630 0-1200 0-1007 369 550 55 9000 3420×3300×2500
GK1600 1600 800 0-900 0-726 680 856 75 18000 3700×3345×2470

This is a common parameter, and the specific parameters used in the product are according to user needs.

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