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Flatbed Trailer

The JAC flatbed trailer has an aesthetic and solid structure and includes the common flatbed trailer, low bed semi-trailer, skeletal trailer and stake bed truck.

We offer 2-axle and 3-axle flatbed trailers with flatbed, step, or gooseneck frames. This flatbed semi-trailer can be equipped with 20ft and 40ft standard containers as well as 48ft non-standard container.

The JAC flatbed trailer transports general goods and bulk cargo.

Both the flat top semi-trailer and container semi-trailer feature a cross beam structure. The longitudinal beam is welded into an I-shape using high-strength manganese steel or steel plates, and the transverse beam is made into a W-shaped structure. The frame is folded using high-strength steel plates to reduce the vehicle's weight. The 10- to16-ton axles from domestic and imported brands are optional.

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