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Reach Stacker

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Model: CQD12R, CQD15R


1. Two lifting columns are placed at outer edges of the mast.
2. The mast is made of special steel imported from Germany.
3. Vertical driving wheel features high efficiency transmission and easy installation and maintenance.
4. The stacker also features compact structure and low center of gravity.

Safety and Efficiency
1. AC variable frequency traction motor features compact structure, great performance, regenerative braking capacity and convenient maintenance.
2. Tilting fork allows for easy loading and stacking.
3. High capacity battery ensures long run time.
4. BDI (battery discharge indicator) is able to extend battery service time.
5. Braking system combines magnetic braking and regenerative braking together, which significantly enhances friction disc service life.
6. The reach stacker is also equipped with emergency stop button, lock button, multi-valve controlled lever and ergonomic handle.
7. Mast lower speed can be adjusted with the regulating valve.

Easy Maintenance
1. Magnetic battery cover features easy installation and maintenance.
2. AC control system features low noise and less maintenance.

Model CQD12R CQD15R
Load Capacity/Rated Load Q(kg) 1250 1500
Load Center c(mm) 500 500
Load Distance x(mm) 430 520
Tyre Size (Front) mm Φ250×70 Φ250×70
Tyre Size (Rear) mm Φ210×85 Φ210×85
Balance Wheel Size mm Φ150×60 Φ150×60
Wheels Number (Front/Rear)( x=driven wheels) 1x+ 2/2 1x+2/2
Tilt of Mast/ Forks (Front/Back) ° 3/6 3/6
Mast Lowered Height h1(mm) 1820/2070/2320/1920/2080/2250/2420 1880/2118/2400/1953/2128/2298/2495
Free Lift (option) h2(mm) 0/0/0/1386/1550/1720/1886 0/0/0/1280/1480/1600/1870
Max. Lift Height h3(mm) 2500/3000/3500/4000/4500/5000/5500 2500/3000/3500/4000/4500/5000/5600
Mast Extended Height h4(mm) 3300/3800/4300/4800/5300/5800/6300 3500/4000/4500/5000/5500/6000/6600
Tiller Height in Drive Position (Min./ Max.) h14(mm) 1160/1460 1160/1460
Overall Length l1(mm) 2150 2250
Length to Face of Fork l2(mm) 1200 1240
Overall Width b1(mm) 990 990
Fork Dimension s/e/l(mm) 35/100/950(1070/1150) 35/100/950(1070/1150)
Fork Carriage Width b3(mm) 220-680 220-680
Reach Distance l3(mm) 560 650
Aisle Width (for pallets 800×1200 length ways) Ast(mm) 2650 2750
Turning Radius Wa(mm) 1650 1750
Travel Speed (Rated Load/No Load) kw/h 6.8/7 6.8/7
Lift Speed (Rated Load/No Load) m/s 0-0.13/0-0.16 0-0.13/0-0.16
Lower Speed (Rated Load/No Load) m/s 0-0.45 0-0.45
Battery Volts./ Cap. v/ah 24/270 24/270
Battery Weight kg 260-320 260-320
Battery Dimensions (l*w*h) mm 825x213x590 825x213x590
Service Weight (with battery) kg 1800 2140
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