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Dump Truck

The JAC dump truck comes in either a single cylinder or multi-cylinder model. Various models of the tipper body include a dust pan model, rectangular tipper with a single door, mining tipper with an upturned angle of 12°, and container tipper.

Functions and features
1. The three-dimensional optimized design on the lift mechanism reduces labor intensity.
2. The frame rails of the tipper truck are made of high-quality cold-formed profiles that are lightweight and strong.
3. Hydraulic lift system is composed of premium hydraulic components from Chinese and international companies.
4. Suitable for the transportation of coal, ore, gravel, soil and other material.
The JAC dump truck includes side dump trucks and end dump trucks, which have different specifications to meet the needs of various working conditions.

Features of Side Dump Truck and End Dump Truck
1. The JAC side dump truck has a low center of gravity and is well suited for transporting steel materials, pipe fittings, sand and gravel.
2. The JAC end dump truck, manufactured using advanced technology and production processes, features dual cylinders, an end dump, a low center of gravity and stable lifting. It transports such materials as sand, gravel, coal, and other material.
3. All JAC dump trucks are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems and can achieve fast, stable and reliable lifting and dumping.

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