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Walkie Electric Stacker

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Model: CDD10W-E, CDD12W-E

With small turning radius, walkie electric stacker is widely applied in small warehouses and supermarkets for low height stacking and short distance transporting.

1. Back cover is integrated type design, easy to assemble and maintain.
2. Use GEL battery free to maintain.
3. Built in charger easy to access to power supply.
4. Low gravity design, 4 point design, improve the trucks stability.
5. This drive unit have small turning, the motor and brake is very easy to replace.
6. Compact design and small dimensions, offer excellent visibility.
7. The turning radius and aisle width is very small and which is similar with manual stacker.

Walkie Electric Stacker Details
  • CURTIS Tiller Head
  • 4 point design, improve the trucks stability
  • Floor type drive wheel
  • Option: initial lifting with double-pallet function
Model CDD10W-E CDD12W-E
Load Capacity/Rated Load Q(kg) 1000 1200
Load Centre Distance c(mm) 600 600
Load Distance(Centre of Drive Axle to Fork) x(mm) 741 741
Lowered Height h13(mm) 90 90
Tyre Size (Front) φ195×70 φ195×70
Tyre Size (Rear) φ80×70 φ80×70
Additional Wheels Dimensions φ150×60 φ150×60
Wheels Number (Front/Rear) (x=driven wheels) 1x+1/4 1x+1/4
Mast Lowered Height h1(mm) 2090/1840/2090/2200/2340 2090/1840/2090
Max. Lift Height h3(mm) 1600/2500/3000/3300/3500 1600/2500/3000
Mast Extended Height h4(mm) 2090/3060/3560/3860/4060 2090/3060/3560
Tiller Height in Drive Position (Min./Max.) h14(mm) 670/1300 670/1300
Overall Length l1(mm) 1748(1668) 1748(1668)
Length to Face of Forks l2(mm) 598 598
Overall Width b1(mm) 800 800
Fork Dimensions s/e/l(mm) 60×170×1150(1070) 60×170×1150(1070)
Overall Fork Width b5(mm) 570/695 570/695
Ground Clearance (Centre of Wheelbase) m2(mm) 26 26
Aisle Width (for pallets 1000×1200 crossways) Ast(mm) 2218 2218
Aisle Width (for pallets 800×1200 lengthways) Ast(mm) 2173 2173
Turning Radius Wa(mm) 1365 1365
Travel Speed (Rated Load/No Load) Km/h 5/6 5/6
Lift Speed (Rated Load/No Load) m/s 0.12/0.22 0.12/0.22
Lower Speed (Rated Load/No Load) m/s 0.14/0.14 0.14/0.14
Battery Voltage, Nominal Capacity K20 V/Ah 24/105 24/105
Battery Weight kg 60.8 60.8
Battery Dimensions (l×w×h) mm 329×172×214 329×172×214
Service Weight (with battery) kg 460/525/545/560/565 615/640/660
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