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Garbage Truck

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The JAC compression garbage truck is developed according to internationally advanced technology and market demand. Using a specially modified high-end chassis, this waste collection vehicle features a large loading capacity, little secondary pollution, excellent durability and reliability. The main product series include 3T, 5T and 8T models.

Aesthetic Appearance

The truck body has a horizontal rectangular frame. The left and right sides as well as the top surface of the sanitation truck are in an arc shape.

Safe Hydraulic Lifting Circuit
The lift cylinder is configured with a one-way balancing valve (cylinder head lock), which cuts off the direct connection between the lift cylinder and the hydraulic hose so the loader won't suddenly fall down or cause serious accidents even if the pipeline burst.

Bidirectional Compression Technology
Owing to the use of bidirectional compression technology, of which the compression ratio is 1:2.5 or more, the density of the compressed household garbage reaches over 600-800kg/m³.

Excellent Sealing Performance
Special rubber strips are used to seal the joint face between the trash bin and loader, thus the garbage is fully enclosed in the bin; plus a locking device, therefore, the sealing performance is guaranteed and the secondary pollution is prevented.

Effective Control System
With the advantages of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic control, the JAC garbage truck's control system eliminates the problem regarding the connection between the hydraulic and electrical system, improving operational reliability.

Electronic Throttle Control
With the power output under the automatic control of the electronic throttle controller, the engine automatically shifts between acceleration and idling depending on the working condition, effectively avoiding power loss and lowering fuel consumption.

PLC Control and Logic Circuit
The bin wagon uses an imported PLC (programmable logic controller) to realize integrated control; it also uses a logic circuit to ensure orderly execution of operations, reducing the error rate, preventing accidents and improving operational reliability.

Emergency Stop Button
The JAC dustbin lorry is configured with an emergency stop button to stop the garbage compactor and loading device at any time, protecting personnel and equipment.

Convenient Operation
The control boxes are separately installed in the cab and at the rear of the vehicle for easy access.

Flexible Garbage Collection
Various bucket lift mechanisms that facilitate loading and unloading are available according to the customers methods of garbage collection.

Technical Features
1. This refuse collection truck is equipped with a specially designed JAC Gallop chassis.
2. The strong compression pressure is up to 22 MPa; attaching a two-way shovel helps to achieve maximum efficiency.
3. With an ergonomic design, the JAC refuse truck is easy to operate, safe and reliable.
4. The standard configuration of valve covers protects the hydraulic lines and electric wire.
5. All procedures are automatically controlled by PLC.


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