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Hand Pallet Truck

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Model: BF

1. Load capacity of the standard hand pallet truck is ranging from 2,500 to 3,500kg.
2. On the top triangle cover, the rib is strengthened with supporting stirrup.
3. The one-piece leak-proof pump enhances reliability and reduces maintenance.
4. The hand pallet truck can be steered within 210 degrees and it features small turning radius.
5. Lower speed of the forks could be controlled manually or by the pedal.
6. Entry and exit rollers provide smoother travel.
7. Overload valve ensures long service life.
8. The ergonomic rubber handle can be moved to three positions, lift, lower and neutral drive position.
9. Twelve grease fittings provide easy access to continued lubrication of critical moving parts and load points, ensuring easy maintenance.
10. Adjustable pump cap ensures long service life.

Truck Details
  • Option:fully rubber wrapped handle
  • Adjustable pump cap
  • Adjustable straight tappet
Model BF
Load Capacity/Rated Load Q(kg) 2500/3000 2500/3000
Lowered Fork Height h13(mm) 85 75
Steering Wheel mm Φ200 Φ180
Single Load Wheels Size mm Φ80×93 Φ74×93
Tandem Load Wheels Size mm Φ80×70 Φ74×70
Max.Lift Height h3(mm) 200 190
Overall Height h14(mm) 1224 1214
Overall Length I1(mm) 1483/1533/1603 1483/1533/1603
Fork Length I(mm) 1100/1150/1220 1100/1150/1220
Overall Fork Width b5(mm) 520/550/685 520/550/685
Ground Clearance(Centre of Wheelbase) m2(mm) 40 30
Aisle Width (for pallets 1000*1200 crossways) Ast(mm) 1683/1733/1803 1683/1733/1803
Aisle Width (for pallets 800*1200 lengthways) Ast(mm) 1783/1783/1803 1783/1783/1803
Turning Radius Wa(mm) 1216/1266/1336 1216/1266/1336
Service Weight kg 60-75 60-75

Remark: Special size for width and length can be made according to customer’s requirement.

Optional Equipment
1. Nylon wheels, polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, single load rollers or tandem load rollers
2. Optional fork length: 800mm, 900mm, 1,000mm
3. Pedal brake
4. Pump color: black painted, sliver painted or silver galvanized

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