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Hand Pallet Truck

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Model: BF-III

1. Use integrated pump that has no welding so there will be no leaking problem.
2. The structure is reasonable to distribute the force evenly and thus more reliable.
3. There is a hole at the bottom of the handle to install the control chain.
4. There is a overload valve in the fork to prevent overload and its speed is controllable.

Wheel Option
  • Nylon wheel
  • Rubber wheel
  • PU wheel
  • PU wheel
Handle Option
  • Standard: metal handle
  • Option: rubber wrapped handle
  • Standard with entry & exist Roller(option with single or double fork rollers)
  • Integrated cast pump
Model BF-III
Capacity Q(kg) 2500 2500
Lowered fork height H13(mm) 85 75
steering wheel mm φ180 φ180
fork wheel single mm φ74×93 φ74×93
fork wheel double mm φ74×70 φ74×70
Max. Lifting height h3(mm) 195 185
Height of tiller in drive position min./max. h14(mm) 1214 1214
Overall length l1(mm) 1543/1613 1543/1613
Fork length l(mm) 1150/1220 1150/1220
Width overall forks b5(mm) 520/550/685 520/550/685
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase m2(mm) 32 22
Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 crossways Ast(mm) 1743/1813 1743/1813
Aisle width for pallets 800×1200 lengthways Ast(mm) 1793/1813 1793/1813
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1276/1346 1276/1346
Service weight kg 56-70 56-70

Remark: Special size for width and length can be made according to customer's requirement.

Optional accessories
1) 200mm steering wheel (80mm fork wheel)
2) Nylon wheels, polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, single or double fork rollers.
3) Fork length: 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm.
4) Foot pedal release.
5) Pump color: Black.
6) Fast lifting or double speed lifting.

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