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Electric Rider Pallet Truck

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Model: CBDRE20

1. Imported CURTIS AC motor controller and MOSFETS driver can realize stepless speed regulation and anti-phase braking.
2. The drive unit possesses not only a steady power output but also an excellent overload capacity.
3. The hydraulic power unit has a tight structure and high efficiency, the process of lift is both steady and precise.

1. CURTIS motor controller can protect the system from over voltage, low voltage, over current, high temperature, short circuit and etc. MOSFETS driver can also protect the system form short circuit.
2. The emergency reverse button on the loop handle protects the operator against unintended contact when the truck is back off or out of control.
3. Power cut and braking will immediately follow up when the operator released his hand from the handle or when push the handle to the bottom.

  • The front parts of the forks are made by high-strength steel casting, which is strong, solid and not easy to deformation.
  • The shock absorber under the pedal can absorb the shock generated during the truck’s movements, to alleviate the impact of the road.
  • Equipped self diagnostic function
  • Lifting limitation function. When the forks are raised to the maximum height, the system will automatically cut off the power supply for lifting, and smoothly stop.
Model CBDRE20
Load capacity kg 2000
Fork length mm 540685
Overall fork width mm 1150/1220
Single fork width mm 160
Lowered fork height mm 85
Max. lifting height mm 200
Overall length mm 1860 (2260)
Overall width mm 776
Overall height mm 1300
Front wheel size, number Φ80×70、4
Drive wheel size, number Φ250×80、1
Balance wheel size, number Φ100×40、2
Turing radius mm 1715
Load center distance mm 600
Lift motor 24V/0.8KW
Drive motor AC, 24V/1.5KW
Battery voltage 24V/200AH
Working time of fully charged battery h 5
Service weight (without battery) kg 500 (320)

1. Up-and-down button is set on both side of the handle and all the operating functions are integrated on the handle enable it's easy to operate.
2. There is a damper under the pedal to absorb the vibration when working and thus eliminate the impact from the road condition.
3. The protection arm can be folded and rotated freely to ensure both the safety of the operator and the normal operating.
4. The 'Tortoise speed' switch on the loop handle can precisely control the low-speed running.

1. The controller can automatically detect the faults and display the error code when the handheld unit is connected to the controller.
2. The battery cover can easily open to convenient the test, maintenance and replacement of the battery.
3. The controller system is installed properly to ensure its cooling and to convenient its detection and maintenance.

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