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Electric Walkie Pallet Truck

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Model: CBD12W-LI

1. For light duty work indoors
2. For sorting goods in warehouses
3. In retail stores
4. For storage of frozen food
5. In facilities for chemicals processing

1. Large-capacity and maintenance-free lithium battery is able to work for 6 hours.
2. It only takes 3 hours to charge the battery.
3. Battery replacement only needs 10 seconds. For situations where the truck needs to work for 24 hours in a row, two set of batteries would be enough if they work in alternative.
4. Plug-in design significantly facilities battery removal or replacement, eliminating the need of any other additional tool or device.
5. Brushless motor features easy maintenance and high efficiency.
6. Stepless speed regulating system ensures stable and smooth speed change.
7. With small outline and great turning flexibility, the pallet truck could easily enter narrow spaces such as elevators or mini-supermarkets.
8. Multi-function control handle integrates butterfly-shaped speed controls, emergency reversing button, horn button and key switch, ensuring easy operation.
9. Ergonomically designed spring loaded steering handle with comfort grid can reduce operator fatigue.
10. Large and long handle ensures easy and comfortable grid and eliminates operation with tension.
11. Integrated tiller arm is made of a single piece of casting, ensuring strengthened structure.
12. Designed with compact structure, the pallet truck features strong strength, great durability and excellent performance and light weight, ensuring outstanding maneuverability even in tight spaces.
13. The electric pallet trunk also features a small number of connections, which makes it easy to replace or maintain mechanical and electronic elements on it.

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