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Electric Walkie Pallet Truck

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Model: CBD15W-E

1. Same size as the manual pallet truck, this mini electric walkie pallet truck is widely applied in narrow passage, supermarket and container.
2. Equipped with floating balance wheel, this pallet truck can prevent form shaking when travelling and also possess good seismic performance.
3. The flexible wheels can be taken apart, easy to replace and maintain.
4. One-piece rock arm mechanism is helpful for the structure strength and it can balance the force on the forks. The deviation of the fork height can be clearly eliminated for longtime usage.
5. The driving wheel adopts horizontal structure, making some distance between the motor and the ground to prevent form water, dust and greasy dirt, to improve the working condition.
6. The truck is equipped with a height limit switch. Cut off the lifting circuit when lifting height approaches the highest point to disconnect the power of the hydraulic power unit to prevent the noise from the spillover of the hydraulic station and save the energy caused by spillover.

Model CBD15W -E
Load capacity Q(kg) 1500
Load centre distance c(mm) 600
Fork height,lowered h13(mm) 8 5 / 7 5
Tyre size,front mm Φ195×70
Tyre size,rear (single) mm Φ80×93 / Φ74×93
Tyre size,rear (double) mm Φ80×70 / Φ74×70
Wheels, number front rear (x = driven wheels) 1x-2/4
Max. lift height h3(mm) 200/190
Height of tiller in drive position min./max h14(mm) 700/1250
Overall length I1 (mm) 1654/1724
Length to face of forks l2(mm) 504
Overall width b1(mm) 685/562
Fork dimensions s/e/l(mm) 53/160/1150(1220)
Width overall forks b5(mm) 520/550/685
Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200(1200crossways) Ast(mm) 1854/1924
Aisle width for pallets 800×1200(1200lengthways) Ast(mm) 1904/1924
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1454/1424
Travel speed, laden/unladen Km/h 4.3/4.8
Battery voltage/nominal capacity K20 V/Ah 24/65
Battery dimensions l/w/h mm 228/138/214
Battery weight Kg 36
Service weight(with battery) Kg 205
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