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Counterbalance Forklift

    1. Diesel ForkliftOur warehouse truck is characterized by adjustable steering wheel and seats, as well as rational layout of each operating system, fully embodying the principles of ergonomics and effectively reducing the labor intensity.
    1. Electric ForkliftJAC electric forklift features high performance, streamlined appearance, as well as the latest electronic control system, all ensuring its low vibration, low noise and low pollution.
    1. Gasoline ForkliftThe JAC gasoline forklift is ergonomically designed to be safe, comfortable and efficient to operate as well as to technically meet the demands of local and international customers.
    1. LPG ForkliftSuperior Shell hydraulic oil protects key spare parts and extends the service life.
      Safe and comfortable seating is equipped with a warning system, which alerts users when the seat belt is unfastened.